Did someone turn up the heat?

One more classic video to share from KSO.  Circa 2003, this video originally appeared over on BFC. Besides some barefoot horseplay, it features someone wearing a great white bikini, better yet, it’s someone that should be wearing a bikini.  The kicker is she does a deep water start in it… and nothing else.

Sadly, here in the land of cheese (aka Wisconsin) we no longer experience the weather that encourages people to worship the sun in bikinis. We’re now in jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.  We’re bundling up as winter approaches, so this video brings fond memory of summer days on the lake.

Beside the bikini clad female, you see KSO and someone else doing some tricks on the boom, that although now they seem almost common, I think they are probably some of the earliest people to try some of them.

Enjoy the footing, enjoy the tricks and enjoy the white bikini…

You can find the video on BFC’s video page here.  The video is titled “Hot in Here Video” and the link for it is near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)

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