Another Chetek Video

I’d start off by saying the Chetek Boys (link to their first video) have gone to far with their latest video that shows them watching Chetek Girls video that was done, but I don’t think I can in good concious say that.  I can’t say it because they make good videos.

First, the video quality is great.  The production quality is great too.  They take time editting their videos together and put a good soundtrack on them.  Finally, the footing video is outstanding.  Now, they aren’t doing tricks like the DV boys, but good solid footing, a couple good comments here and there and they usually have a nice little crash sequence.  All elements of a good footing video, at least in my opinion.

In their latest video, 2 of the Chetek Boys take “Keith” out for some barefooting on November 1st.  For those that don’t know, Chetek is is northern Wisconsin.  On November 1st, it’s cold, and the water is cold even in southern Wisconsin.  Toss in the fact that it didn’t look like a bright and sunny day and you have a very brisk footing set.  And they have fun doing it.

Enough commentary, here’s the video that they submitted to BFC for the Show Ski Challenge.  That makes 3 entries for Chetek by my count.

You can find their video on BFC Show Ski Challenge Page here.  It’s titled “Fake It”.

One last thing, stick around to the very end.  One of them makes a funny comment after a  bad fall.

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