Music City River Run Results?

Anyone know what happened down in Nashville this weekend?  Been looking around bet haven’t seen anything yet.  Tried Barefoot Endurance Racing, who announced the event, but didn’t see anything up there and also tried the forums on BFC but came up dry.

If you know the results, drop me a note at wedge [at] or just drop a comment on this post.

Update 10/20 @ 955 pm CDT – Based on the comments below, there were two divisions…

  • Inboard Division – 50 Miles – Won by Team Rum Runners –  Don Simon, Todd Fipps, Doug Roufinauf, and Mark
  • Ski Pros – 100 Miles – Won by Team Top Gun 
There are a few more details in the comments below.  They mention some stories from the race and I’m hoping they send some my way.

2 thoughts on “Music City River Run Results?

  1. The race was divided into two divisions: Sky Pros and Inboards
    The inboards went 50 miles and the wining team was Rum Runners. Don Simon, Todd Fipps, Doug Roufinauf, and Mark
    Sky pros went 100 miles and was won by team top gun.


  2. After 50/100 miles I think the skiers are still recovering. In the ski pro division all the teams are skiing FAST !! Top Gun won 3 of the 4 heats with Ski Pro winning one heat. But in between there are some stories. Like a head to head battle in to the last 1/2 mile between MVS and SkiPro East. Or Pavestone (Mach V) coming out of the hole and taking the lead in every race.
    Austin D2D should be a blast !


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