Back Barefooting Instruction from Lane “Dawg” Bowers

I recently wrote about how to make your back deeps much harder.  Now I’ve come across somethig that maybe just make your back deeps a little easier or maybe help your driving for people that learn back deeps.

As many of you know, I scour the web, looking for good barefooting information.  Well, I came across Lane “Dawg” Bower’s site a while back.  I’ve looked through it a little before and found something that I wanted to share with you.

Lane has a page up with how he instructs people on back deeps.  Here’s the link.  He’s got a lot of info on the page, including a couple video of him going through the information.  

He goes through some very good basic information for both the footer and the driver including:

  • Proper boom height
  • Boat speeds for various portions of the start
  • Body position for the start
  • Foot position
  • And much more

The best part is he explains it very clearly and concisely.  Here’s the first video…

Be sure to check out the rest of Lane’s instruction on his web site, including the second video with more info.  Once again, here’s the link.

The site isn’t the best to get around, but if you dig, there’s some good stuff there.  He’s got an email list you subscribe to for fairly regular informative updates.  Some of the emails I find a bit un-informing, but there are some good ones in there too.  You just need to find the useful info.


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