We Need a Friday!!!

Ok world, I’m rolling out a new feature here on TalesFromTheFoot.com… here’s the first debate topic.

The world of wakeboarding has Dallas Friday as one of it’s leading ladies.  She’s a phenomenal wakeboarder, widely recognized as one of the best in the sport, who looks just as good as she boards.  Here’s a picture of her holding a wakeboard as she poses on the sun deck of a Malibu Boat (yeah, she’s got a boat sponsor.)

Dallas Friday for Malibu Boats via WaterSki Magazine

The question I’m posing for this debate is this:

Who is the Dallas Friday of the Barefooting World?

Is it one of the ladies from the Chicks Rule video that has been about to come out for what seems like years now?  (Good excuse to link to the trailer over at Toes Up.)


Download Chicks Rule – Trailer 1

Let the debate begin!

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