Father’s Day Weekend Figure-8’s

Just wondering if anyone knows if the Kwahamot Figure-8 (Saturday in Tomahawk, WI) and Silver Sheet Figure-8 Challenge (Rolling Prairie, IN) happened this past weekend (not sure if the weather/flooding had any impact on them) and if so, who won?

I’ve scoured the net for results and keep coming up empty.  Anyone out there know what happened?

One thought on “Father’s Day Weekend Figure-8’s

  1. Freeman Funk Footers dominated the Silver Sheep tourney. It was a bad turnout. Only 6-8 footers in all. Weather started out really bad, but progressively got better. Thor Thoradson did a great job setting it up. The site was awesome. Good food, PA system setup, great trophies etc.

    1st Marc Donahue
    2nd Ben Deiser (first time competing)
    Fred Deiser (first time competing)


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