Human Short-Lines

Over at BFC, they’ve had a new video up for a while. The video features Andre de Villiers from South Africa once again playing on the jacked up boom.

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A while back there was a huge debate on Super Fly Highs and their impact on barefooting over in the BFC forums. If you watch the video you see Andre doing some jumps while footing. The only people I’ve seen get more air hit a ramp so I think the argument about Super Fly Highs (SFH) not helping a barefooter is moot. They provide a fair amount of upward pull (aka lift) that a skilled barefooter can take advantage of.

I’m not saying the footers that do the crazy insane tricks on the SFH’s aren’t good footers. They are. They are usually very good footers, but the SFH is helping them with learn some of these insane tricks. If they start doing these tricks long line, they’ll have taken their skills to a whole new level.

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