1 Practice, 1 Meeting and 1 Show

We have 1 practice left before Nationals, 1 meeting to go over the details and then 1 very important show to do…

The Wednesday before Nationals is almost over and the Mad-City Ski Team is finishing our preparations to defend our National Show Ski Championship from last year and going for our 3rd championship in 4 years.

Our Sunday show went very well and the home crowd loved it. They’re not use to seeing our tournament show, so for them it was a big change. If we ski a show like we had Sunday night, we’ll have a very good shot at defending out title.

Tuesday’s practice was even better. Skied a cleaner show and had a lot of fun. Here’s a couple snapshots from practice that I took…

Mad-City’s OP

The Mad-City Dream Girls

Our Ending Pyramid

Big Ballet

We ARE the Mad-City Ski Team!!!

Tonight, we had a strong east wind and not so good water so we had a land practice. Not fun when it comes to skiing, but the work we did on land tonight should pay big dividends this weekend.

Tomorrow, not sure what the weather will do, but we expect it to be hot and hopefully the wind will cooperate.

For those of you interested in catching our show this weekend at the National Show Ski Tournament on Saturday morning around 10:30 am, here are the details…

First, you’ll need to head to Rockford/Loves Park, Illinois. For those of you in Madison, take I-90 South, then take the East Riverside Blvd exit and turn right. Follow that till you see the bridge over the Rock River approaching and then take a left on to East Drive one block befoe the river (there is an Alverez Restaurant on the corner here as well.) Follow East Drive until you reach Shorewood Park. Here’s a map showing the destination.

Next, you need to plan to be down there by about 9am. The Mad-City Ski Team takes to the water about 1030/1100am, but you’ll want to arrive early to find good seats. The seating at the park is not as plentiful as it is in Janesville, so seating will be limited.

Cost? The tournament itself has always been free, but they usually charge a couple dollars for on site parking. They’ll have food, beverages and beer available for your enjoyment. Mad-City should be hitting the water about the time the beer tent really gets going. (This is by design!)

Finally, you need to arrive ready to have a very good time and to cheer on Mad-City.

We have a show capable of winning a championship. Now we need to stand it up, smile and wave, ski safe and roll up a fatty full of fellowship and fun!

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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