Did I Just Try A Mobius?

Jumping Definitions:
Helicopter – Rotating 360 degrees around as you leave the ramp
Gainer – A back flip of the ramp
Front – A front flip
Mobius – Basically doing a helicopter and gainer at the same time

Tonight, I hit the ramp again. Been resting my ribs and sore ankle as I waited for some calm water. Would have gone last night, but it was rough. Tonight, very calm water. Excellent conditions to try some more helis.

Well, I approached the ramp with all intentions of doing a heli. But that is not what it looks like. Take a gander for yourself:

As I said, doing what looks like I tried to do a mobius was not my intent. Watching the video, I was back on my heals and that caused my feet to just go out from me and start my backwards rotation, or the gainer motion that is video. Then I let go of the rope to start the heli and that’s when it became what looks like a mobius. Granted I ate it, but it still looks cool. Too bad the video is blurry (not sure why, the others turned out OK.)

Turns out if I pulled in on the rope and brought my knees around, I may have had a chance to land it.

For those that are curious, there were no injuries sustained in this jump. Managed to realize I was about to eat it and managed to almost dive into the water with my skis and braced myself for the impact.

Took two more ride overs after this one, still landing back on my heals and tweaked my ankle again. It’ll be sore for a couple days again.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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