The Pocket Rockets

Here it is, race day. The Beaverland Must-Skis barefoot endurance race is tomorrow at 1pm. My team, the Pocket Rockets, will be competing. We all just love to foot. The team consists of Sandy, John, Bugs, Beau and myself.

Sandy is a very solid footer in excellent shape but has only been out footing twice this year. Throws a really clean tumble too. Probably the most enthusiastic footer on the team after myself.

John is also a very solid footer but has also only been footing a handful of times this year. Likes to ride a long way on his ass during deeps, also throws down the tumble turns as well.

Bugs is kinda of a wild card. He’s a very solid footer as well, but not sure on his distance ability. Threw down a lap on Thursday night so there is promise.

Beau is the wild card. Yes he can foot. He can even backfoot, back to fronts and probably much more as well. He’s only been footing this year once that I know off so distance is the question mark with him. I’ve never seen him go really far.

Then there’s me. Can’t tumble (yet), can’t backfoot, but I can go forward and just keep going. Use to be a good rough water footer, but last summer’s weeds in the bay changed that.

5 footers that are racing to have a good time. Who knows how we’ll actually do in the race, but it’ll be fun!!! And then there will be the post race festivities that will also be a blast.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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