Best Dam Barefoot Race

Well, yesterday we (Pocket Rockets) competed in the Best Dam Barefoot race hosted by the Beaverland Must-Skis. We took second to last, beating the UW Ski Team to the turn around buoy before calling it a day. Probably did about 9 or 10 deeps with everyone ending in a fall, most of them violent. The water was very rough and my boat has nasty bubbles.

Sandy managed to get us through a lot of the rough water with a very low stance (that most guys would find painful) and both Bugs & Beau also did some damage to the distance we needed to go. It wasn’t one of my better footing days, but I contributed. John isn’t a fan of the rough water.

They’ll be a much longer recap once I get the photos from during the race, but here is our post race back at the bar and relaxed team photo.

Bugsy, Beau (aka Peach), John, Sandy, Wedge & Russ
Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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