7’s Rope Wrapping Skills

The weekend so far has been a windy one. 15 MPH winds out of the east and for Lake Monona, that is a poor direction for this lake. The far east shorline along the city of Monona’s shoreline isn’t very well sheltered like the north shorline and the Isthmus and it is also very shallow in spots. Over in the bay, the east shoreline corresponds to the John Nolen Drive and railrode track shoreline, neither of which do much blocking of the wind since they sit maybe 8 feet above the water level.

Yesterday evening we had planned to do some skiing, but with the strong winds and the threat of scattered showers and it just not being very warm, we called it and decided to head out another day. Without an evening of skiing, we decided to head out latter that night. The group started off small at the Dane in Fitchburg before migrating to the Essen Haus and Come Back Inn where reinforcements showed up. Here’s a picture of the survivors of the night of revelry.

It’s nearly 230am we are are all doing fine!!!

After getting home much too late, Saturday morning came early. I hooked up the boat, loaded stuff up and proceeded to head down to the ski team work day. That’s when I figured out my brakes were not quiet right in the truck. Coming down a hill, not even going fast, I finally get the truck to stop after pushing my foot through the floor practically and then I saw puffs of smoke come from both my right and left front tires. I decided to head back home and started making some calls. About 2 hours latter with a different vehicle I headed to the work day.

When the work day finished up, Sandy and I talked 7 in to acting as our third. I had my rope setup for the barefoot race next weekend and wanted to try it out before hand. After braving the white caps and making it to the bay, we were set to try it out. Well the rope worked and that is when the fun started…

7 was driving the boat and comes back to pick me up. He’s comes over, a little hot, then leaves it in gear as I try to swim to the back off the boat through the prop wash. I climb into the boat and as I’m checking to see if the rope is clear before Sandy hops in and the boat drifts over the prop and you can guess what happens next.

“Stop the boat!!!”

I see rope coming from the distinct location of the prop area. Not good. Pull on the rope. No dice. I get back into the water and dive under the boat and try to untangle it. Still no dice. I’m out breath from the barefoot runs still so Sandy joins me the water.

Now you need to remember that Sandy lived in Florida for three years before moving back last fall. She’s use to nice warm water and bright sunny days. today there was some sun, but not much. There was also some warmth, if you call 65 degrees warm. Just not great weather for our Florida girl’s first runs of the year… if we can get the rope off the prop.

10 minutes later were still playing with the rope. Then I get the idea of lets take the ski platform off the back of the boat, then we don’t need to dive under the water to play with the rope. Platforms off and work on the rope resumes.

20 minutes or so later, we are officially frustrated, laughing about it and slowly making progress. 7 is high and dry in the boat. He hadn’t planned on skiing and didn’t have any ski equipment with him. I tell 7 to grab the camera out of my bag so he can capture our feelings about him at this point in time…

No, we’re not giving you the reader the finger, these are for 7 who
is standing on the other side of the camera and is nice and dry.

We finally get the rope off the prop, apparently undamaged. Both Sandy and I are very cold after spending 30+ minutes in the 60 degree water. 60 degree water is fine for ski sets, but spend some significant time and the toes go a little numb and legs get cold. Sandy was cold enough we she even called it a day without even taking a set. Can’t blame her.

We make our way back to the landing and head home.

Can’t say it was a great day on the lake, but the rope I made up for the barefoot race worked and we have a great story to tell about 7 for the rest of eternity.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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