6 Weeks

Last year I hit the water on March 23. It is February 12 now. That is about 6 weeks away doing some quick math. Today’s weather: about 10/20 degrees out, roughly 3 inches of snow. And the lakes? They’re frozen. Solid. Not completely through (top to bottom, that would kill the fish), but all the way across at least. I did find out that water has a very unique property that make it freeze top to bottom instead of bottom to top. To get the most support out of water, it needs to be 39 degrees. That is when it is most dense and offer the most support… a benefit of cold water footing.

That leaves 6 weeks for it (the weather) to warm up to the point that it is no longer freezing and the lakes thaw. Everybody, throw open your windows, let’s get this global warming thing going. If we get enough furnaces going, it’ll warming up. I’ve got cabin fever and the only thing to cure that will be a ski set. These arms of mine are ready to hold onto a rope so I can drag myself across the water. Describing it like that just doesn’t sound like fun, but it is.

I like to search for random crap on the web while I’m posting to try and add a little something to the post. Well, I learned a few things researching this one so… Challenge: What sentence in this post is a reference to one of the links and why is it a reference?

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Hannibal Rising

I’ll warn you now… this review of Hannibal Rising contains spoilers… they’re after the poster… you’ve been warned…

So this is the movie that is suppose to tell the beginning of Hannibal Lecter (don’t read too much here if you don’t know anything, you’ll ruin the movies.) If you don’t know who he is, go watch Silence of the Lambs… trust me, it is worth it. Then go crawl back under the rock you came out from under because that is one of the best movies out there and Lecter has been voted the #1 villian in movies of all time.

For me, I’d almost rather not know why he became a psycho, but when there is money to made, lets come up with a reason. Obviously that is what the author did since this book came out so long after the others. I’m curious to see what Lecter’s Wiki page looked like before the most recent book/movie.

***** If you don’t want spoilers… stop NOW!!! *****

Anyway, the movie is entertaining, but forgettable, nothing you’re going to want to see again and again like Lambs. To me, it looked like they needed to come up with a really good reason for Hannibal to be so sick and twisted… let’s have him witness war crimes from WWII as a kid. Now why is he a cannibal? Let’s have the war crime be some “people” ate his little sister. Yes, that is what they did. I guess that is what it takes to make someone go crazy. This all takes place in the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, so I didn’t ruin much. He witnessed this as a kid and like the poster says… he wants revenge. And the movie documents the revenge.

I think the director or author was a fan of the Kill Bill movies because they figured out a way to write him in a sword in the movie and it all goes down hill from here and turns into a rather predictable catch a killer movie.

No memorable lines and the fact that they couldn’t turn back the clock on Sir Anthony Hopkins to make him look 20 means you get a very run of the mill movie. Manage to make Hopkins look 20 something and have him in the role and maybe they would have had something. Random guy playing Lecter just isn’t the same. Average movie, nothing special to make it Hannibal worthy, but it is watchable.

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Words to Live By

I was watching an episode of Iconoclasts that featured Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder. For those who don’t know, Laird is a really good surfer and Eddie is the lead singer of Pearl Jam (one of my favorite bands).

I mainly watched it to see an interview with Eddie, but ended up learning a bit more about Laird Hamilton as well. Laird is regarded as one of the best surfers ever even though he has never surfed on the professional tour. He helped come up with the idea of the tow in to catch the really, really big waves and butchered an air chair to come up hydrofoil surfing (as seen in Step into Liquid). He’s also an accomplished water skier as well, so I’m hoping he won’t mind me tweaking a quote from him on Iconoclasts.

Laird was talking about his surfing philosphy, but I think it also applies to water skiing just as well.

[Water skiing] “…like art or music, the great thing is there’s no wrong way to do it. The only wrong way to do it is if you’re not having a good time.” – Laird Hamilton

This is something I’ve long thought. Whether you just finished your first run on skis, nailed your first front flip off the ramp, or just taken another of countless barefoot runs, everyone ends with a big smile on their face. My niece had to compose a song on the piano about one of her favorite memories this past year. Her inspirational memory… her first time skiing.

Granted this quote is more often phrased “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right,” but I think Laird’s version puts a much more positive spin on it though. It implies that whether your skiing for your first time ever or just nailed a trick that has rarely ever been done by anyone, if you had fun, that is all that matters.

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Pursuit of Happyness

Saw the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Not much to say about it other than it is feel good movie that will inspire you to work hard in to succeed at both work and family life. As part of the inspiration, you’ll see Will Smith starring in a movie with his son Jaden Smith playing the roles of father and sun. Will plays a father named Chris Gardener who is working hard to make ends meet but just can’t seem to get caught up. Then he catches a cab ride with a HR person for an investment firm and solves the Rubic’s Cube right in from. At the time (1980), many believed the puzzle to unsolvable. Needless to say, the HR guy was intrigued by the genius of Chris and thought he had a lot of potential. And that is where the movie takes off.

The pacing at time is a little slow, but the movie is good. Check out this real life inspirational movie when you get a chance.

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Epic Movie

There really isn’t much I can say about the movie “Epic Movie“. It really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. Bad acting, poor story. But there are parts that are funny and they did come up with a way, albeit a weak way, to connect all the various stories from recent hit movies.

I can’t in good conscious recommend going out to see this movie, if it is even still in theatres, but someday when you’re channel flipping, it’ll show up. Go grab a few beers and laugh your ass off. Then remember all the good movies they are trying to make fun of.

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Children of Men

I caught the movie Child of Men at the theatre recently. It had been recommended to me by a few friends, one who had been eagerly awaiting it since he had read the book by P.D. James and he like the movie adaption a lot.

The previews looked very interesting to me… in 2027 the human population has gone sterile, everybody is growing old and there is no future generation or any sounds of children playing. Society has taken turn for the worse and it looks like the world dying. And then a pregnant lady is found by rebels.

The movie stars Clive Owen who has been in just a few movies, Juliane Moore who’s also done a flicks.

I left the theatre having enjoying the movie. It made you think. You could see it as a modern day retelling of one of the oldest stories in the world. Admittedly, it isn’t a movie that everyone is going to like, I walked out and some people around me hadn’t enjoyed it, but I liked the story that left you thinking.

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The Great Escape

I recently caught the classic 1963 movie The Great Escape on TV. Like most classic movies, I can see it’s influences on modern movies. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend watching when you have a chance because you’ll learn a little bit about history and be entertained at the same time.

I’ve also seen the episode of NOVA on PBS that covered the real life Great Escape and the movie stuck very close to the true story. I would also recommend you catch this episode at some time. It was want inspired me to watch the movie. For more info about the Great Escape you can check out the WIKI entry about it. It can help you sort out the fact from fiction of the movie.

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