Hannibal Rising

I’ll warn you now… this review of Hannibal Rising contains spoilers… they’re after the poster… you’ve been warned…

So this is the movie that is suppose to tell the beginning of Hannibal Lecter (don’t read too much here if you don’t know anything, you’ll ruin the movies.) If you don’t know who he is, go watch Silence of the Lambs… trust me, it is worth it. Then go crawl back under the rock you came out from under because that is one of the best movies out there and Lecter has been voted the #1 villian in movies of all time.

For me, I’d almost rather not know why he became a psycho, but when there is money to made, lets come up with a reason. Obviously that is what the author did since this book came out so long after the others. I’m curious to see what Lecter’s Wiki page looked like before the most recent book/movie.

***** If you don’t want spoilers… stop NOW!!! *****

Anyway, the movie is entertaining, but forgettable, nothing you’re going to want to see again and again like Lambs. To me, it looked like they needed to come up with a really good reason for Hannibal to be so sick and twisted… let’s have him witness war crimes from WWII as a kid. Now why is he a cannibal? Let’s have the war crime be some “people” ate his little sister. Yes, that is what they did. I guess that is what it takes to make someone go crazy. This all takes place in the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, so I didn’t ruin much. He witnessed this as a kid and like the poster says… he wants revenge. And the movie documents the revenge.

I think the director or author was a fan of the Kill Bill movies because they figured out a way to write him in a sword in the movie and it all goes down hill from here and turns into a rather predictable catch a killer movie.

No memorable lines and the fact that they couldn’t turn back the clock on Sir Anthony Hopkins to make him look 20 means you get a very run of the mill movie. Manage to make Hopkins look 20 something and have him in the role and maybe they would have had something. Random guy playing Lecter just isn’t the same. Average movie, nothing special to make it Hannibal worthy, but it is watchable.

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