Children of Men

I caught the movie Child of Men at the theatre recently. It had been recommended to me by a few friends, one who had been eagerly awaiting it since he had read the book by P.D. James and he like the movie adaption a lot.

The previews looked very interesting to me… in 2027 the human population has gone sterile, everybody is growing old and there is no future generation or any sounds of children playing. Society has taken turn for the worse and it looks like the world dying. And then a pregnant lady is found by rebels.

The movie stars Clive Owen who has been in just a few movies, Juliane Moore who’s also done a flicks.

I left the theatre having enjoying the movie. It made you think. You could see it as a modern day retelling of one of the oldest stories in the world. Admittedly, it isn’t a movie that everyone is going to like, I walked out and some people around me hadn’t enjoyed it, but I liked the story that left you thinking.

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