6 Weeks

Last year I hit the water on March 23. It is February 12 now. That is about 6 weeks away doing some quick math. Today’s weather: about 10/20 degrees out, roughly 3 inches of snow. And the lakes? They’re frozen. Solid. Not completely through (top to bottom, that would kill the fish), but all the way across at least. I did find out that water has a very unique property that make it freeze top to bottom instead of bottom to top. To get the most support out of water, it needs to be 39 degrees. That is when it is most dense and offer the most support… a benefit of cold water footing.

That leaves 6 weeks for it (the weather) to warm up to the point that it is no longer freezing and the lakes thaw. Everybody, throw open your windows, let’s get this global warming thing going. If we get enough furnaces going, it’ll warming up. I’ve got cabin fever and the only thing to cure that will be a ski set. These arms of mine are ready to hold onto a rope so I can drag myself across the water. Describing it like that just doesn’t sound like fun, but it is.

I like to search for random crap on the web while I’m posting to try and add a little something to the post. Well, I learned a few things researching this one so… Challenge: What sentence in this post is a reference to one of the links and why is it a reference?

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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