Water Skiing News from Around the Web

Found these water skiing related stories on web…

Although I’ve wanted to do some water skiing with our recent warm weather here in Wisconsin, I didn’t actually go through all the work of getting my boat and stuff ready to actually go. Well, others experiencing the warm weather have taken advantage of it. Out in Twin Falls, Idaho, they took to the water, even raising some money for charity. Meanwhile, out east in Scotia, New York (near Albany I think) a ski school did some skiing on New Year’s Day as well. Then there is this guy out near Wichita, Kansas who likes to take his annual New Year’s Day barefoot run in a Speedo (for the ladies, there’s a picture behind that link.) Unfortunately, there is a picture in the news story (ladies, you may not like that one as much).

While searching for more crazy news stories of people skiing, I found this post on a blog about a guy that took his dog wake boarding. Seeing as how it is cold enough for the guy to need a dry suit, I don’t think I’d want to put my dog in the cold water, but he did.

Meanwhile, Rykert over in Iowa is making use of the water skiing off season by trying to build a dry land trick apparatus.

My searches also turned up this blog. I didn’t see anything specific about water skiing on it, other than the user name for the blogger… Waterskiing on Two Discount Alligators. Might have to ask about that one.

And finally, this European water skiing site has information up about a thing called Think Tank. Now I’m familiar with Think Tank, it is put on by the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation, of which I’m a member. It is basically a water skiing conference. I’ve even presented at it a few times and will be again this year. I just found it interesting that it is being promoted over in Europe. Browsing the website, I came across this description of Barefooting:

“Barefoot water skiing is skiing beneath a towboat wherein the skier do not uses any skis on his feet, thus this waterskiing discipline is also known as barefooting.”

I’m pretty sure that when I’m barefooting, I’m not beneath the towboat, I prefer to be behind it. I can’t hold my breath long enough to make skiing beneath the boat worthwhile, plus there is the whole issue of the prop. It spins fast and is capable of slicing and dicing and I’d rather not be near it while it is spinning. I’m guessing this is probably just a translation issue, but I found it funny. The rest of the description is pretty decent.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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