Movie Review Catchup

So I’ve been a little lax on my keeping my movie reviews current. Time to catchup & here goes…

Apocolypto – Saw this movie a while back. I found it very interesting, knowing that although it seems realistic, I knew going in that Mel Gibson had done some blending of times, portraying different points of history simultaneously. Overlooking that, the movie was enjoyable. Parts are very interesting, other parts are a little gruesome. Final verdict, I liked it, but it isn’t a movie for everyone.

Happy Feet – Caught this movie on the IMAX and I’ll say it was one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve seen lately. I’d summarize it as March of the Penguins from their perspective, but with more a story and unique characters. Originally, they advertised it as being in IMAX 3-D, but they decided against doing that. I think that would have really added something extra to a few of the sequences in the movie. As a whole, I highly recommend this for an enjoyable entertaining family movie.

Eragon – Read the book before seeing this one. Book was good, kind of a little bit of a cross between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. LOTR type story, Potter type story telling, but not done as well as either. Book was good. Now for the movie. Completely unrecognizable from the book, other than a boy finds a dragon egg, the meat of the story is completely different. I can’t recommend that you don’t go see this movie enough. I’ll just say that if I was the author, I’d be buying ads denouncing the movie and urging people to read the book.

Rocky Balboa – I had serious doubts about this movie when I originally heard about it. How could they make another Rocky movie? Then I saw the ads and thought they had a good pretty good story idea. Washed up boxer sees a special on ESPN and thinks he can still box. He gets a shot at the champ, who is like most modern athletes and living at the center of their own personal fantasy world (please note, I said most, not all). If you haven’t seen Stallone in a while, he looks just a little freakish now. Giant hands that would probably feel like a brick hitting you in the ring. Surprisingly, he can still string together words to form sentences that can be understood. He even has what it takes to perform for him what would be called a significant monologue. Forgetting that you have to listen to Stallone speak for an hour, the movie is actually very good and provides a very fitting conclusion to the Rocky series. At least until he makes another one.

Sorry there aren’t any links to previews, one sheets and random links to info about the actors and directors. Pressed for time tonight. Well, now I’m all caught up on my movie reviews. Time to fall behind again.

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