Casino Royale

I caught this movie as well. It’s much better than Babel (see my recent rant). I think this movie will be able to resurrect the Bond franchise. The last few movies have kinda been average at best. Too much flash and not enough substance. Big stars, big stories, but nothing behind the glare. It had gone the way of the Batman franchise. But then the Batman franchise was re-invented with Batman Begins. And Casino Royale is the reinvention of Bond.

This one starts out at the beginning. Bond becoming Bond. He’s still coming to grips with being a double-oh. Daniel Craig pulls off a good bond. I was worried when I first saw him cast as Bond. But I’m exited to see next movie.

Overall, the move was very entertaining. Lots of action, good story. My lone complaint was the movie seemed a bit long. It kept ending… and then keep going again.

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