Unfortunately, I did go see this movie. I had seen the trailer, heard the buzz, and fell for it hook line and sinker. Trailer looked sweet… lots of action, exotic locations, big stars, topical story. Great voice over about the meaning of “babel“. Well, this movie fell short on just about all of those lofty goals. It did have big stars and exotic locations, but that is about it.

Don’t want to know any spoilers, stop reading now… You’ve been warned and probably realize by now that I didn’t like the movie.

Here’s the trailer that sucked me in…
Babel Trailer

Now on to the meat of the review. The trailer made the movie look interesting. Terrorist attach on some tourists, face paced editing, multiple stories all converging. But in truth, the pacing was slow, it had multiple stories, but for all the interest they generated, the could have just focused on the one main story. The others didn’t really add anything to it.

The stories in tiny little nutshell…
Tourist shot and it’s possible a terrorist attack.
Dysfunctional girl in Japan wants to “grow up”. Dads too busy to notice.
Housekeeper/nanny’s son is getting married in Mexico.

In the end, all the stories are tied to together, but in truth, they didn’t really add up to much. I was sorely disappointed.

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