45 Degrees and Sunny

Sound like a forecast for April or October? Yes, but it was also the weather we had today here in Madison, Wisconsin. Not ideal for deer hunting as the meat may spoil, but it worked for what I wanted to do today. It did reach mid-fifties, but 45 is the temperature that matters. You see, I took the boat out to the lake today. Hit the water about 10 am. The weather… blue skies, no wind, and 45 degrees. Can’t ask for a better day at the end of November. I meant to take advantage of it.

The water was still a balmy 41 degrees. I actually expected it to be colder. Put my dry suit on and eased my way into the water. Rope came tight and away we went. Took a pretty good run. Starting at Olin Park and made it along the south shore and then curved up towards the “rock pile” stopping well before it since the buoys had been pulled. Limited myself to one run though. We had turkey dinner scheduled for noon. It would have been nice to go latter in the day, but after eating a Thanksgiving dinner, I was 99% certain I wouldn’t be up for doing much of anything for the rest of the day… other than watch football.

Here’s some pictures from the morning’s adventures…

Ok, the water is cold… we can go any time now…
Really slow deep water start… the driver was a little soft on the throttle.

Look at the glass calm water

Time to stand up

It had been more than a month since I had last footed. Looks like I still know how.

Even did a little one foot

You can come pick me up any time now. The water isn’t getting any warmer.

The Madison Sky Line… I love this city!

Afterwards, dressed nice and warm for the car ride home. With my nephews Ben & Nate.

On a side note… as I was leaving the lake I get a text message from Dale… Cancel turkey dinner and bring the boat… glass calm water. I replied I had just finished a set and was off to dinner.
Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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