Stumbling Around the Internet

So I found this little add-in program called Stumble for Firefox that you tell it some of your interests and then you can click a button and it will take you to a random website related to your interests. It is an amazing way to waste a lot of time. Here is some of what I found…

Here’s one of the videos…

I also highly recommend the Live Action Stop Motion Music Video.

Most of these are just pictures or photo collections, but there are some sites in here that you can really waste some time on. Enjoy!

The Earth at Night from SpaceA Splash of Color
Niagara Falls from the Sky
A Lot of Cool Pictures
Lightning Strike
Orange Moon
Camels from the Sky (Look VERY closely, this is much cooler than you initially think)
Digital Photography 101
360 Degree View of Mount Everest
Random Good Photos (I’m partial to the kid on the slide… looks scared silly)

Song/Animation about Earth being in Space
Hubble Telescope Site
Center of the Galaxy
A Record in the Sky
Pictures of Space
More Pictures of Space
The Eagle Nebula
Venus and the Moon During the Day
Nova’s The Elegant Universe Home Page
Galactic Collision

Live Action Stop Motion Music Video
Playing with Fire… A Science Experiment
Head Banging 101
Fun with Stick Figure Physics
Alternative Music Videos (Check out Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim)
Not Really Sure How To Describe This
Microwave Experiment
Mahna Mahna

Ever Think “I wish the movie ended this way?”
Ultra Condensed Movies
Superhero Thanksgiving Wishes
Rules for Men (not Man Laws)
40 Things that Only Happen In Movies
History of Toilet Paper
Hubble & God

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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