Finally an Eight

Well, tonight was the perfect late summer night (notice I didn’t say fall, I won’t accept it yet.) I hit the water with John and Seven. Was probably still in the upper 70s when we hit the water at 530. We made our way to the bay and were greeted with near glass water. In addition to a beautiful night, the wind was very calm. Barely a breeze.

I hit the water first, did a set of 6 runs back and forth across the bay. Did some one foots. Nothing special.

John and Seven then took their turns. John did his typical big one foots, lifting a foot almost above his head. Seven’s footing has improved drastically. Beginning of the summer I would hope not to break him as he did deeps behind the boat. Now he actually looks somewhat comfortably doing a deep now. He even improved from the beginning of the night to the end.

I was up again, and deciding to make use of the calm water, decided to try a figure eight again. John drove. Started with a deep, then John went into a turn to the left, putting me on the outside. I held my spot on the curl. Made my way through the rollers in the middle as we crossed the wake. Then we started the turn to the right, putting me on the inside this time. I was again managed to hold my spot, cutting hard with my feet, putting pretty much all of my weight on my left foot. Made it through the second corner clean. Hit the rollers in the middle for a second time and that’s when I finally fell. Made an eight. The night was officially worth it now.

Next up, John did a loop. Then I did 1.5 loops around the bay. John then another loop. Then I did another loop. Needless to say, I was tired by the end of the night.

As the sun set, Seven took a slalom run.

Truly, a great night for skiing. No wind, warm, pretty much no one else in the bay. Can’t ask for better skiing conditions in September in Wisconsin. Here are a few pictures from tonight.

Footing with the State Capital in the Background

John doing his new one hand, one foot trick
Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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