Did they mean to rip off the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Bistromathematics. The Onion continues to impress with the news reporting skills. In one of their most recent stories they talk of scientists successfully splitting their bill. This story was reminded me of a portion of Life, the Universe and Everything (a book in the Hitchhiker’s trilogy) where their only way to power some portion of the space ship was to use “bistromathematics” or something like that. So besides just the story being very entertaining on its own accord, whether or not they intended, the unreferenced story makes it even better for me.

Oooooh yeaaahhhh!I wish the Macho Man Randy Savage would just go away.

Aliens gave us Tivo? Seems like we have uncovered the origin of Tivo and its ubiquitous sound. It came from space. Now I use a ReplayTV (much like a Tivo, just better) but this is just too interesting to not pass along.

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