NFL Contracts and Hold Outs

So, I’ve been wanting to write this for a while. Javon Walker did it and pissed me off. Branch of New England is doing it now and pissing me off and I don’t even care one iota about New England. I’m know there are a let of other players that have done this, but these are just the ones that came to mind first.

Every year some random player has a big year, decides he is playing better than he is being paid and decides to hold out and demand more money. This pisses me off. They are under contract and should honor it.

Now, you’re first words out of your mouth to come back at me is “but the teams can cut them at any time?” Yes, but that is beauty of the NFL. The have to keep playing at their high level to keep making money. It is what separates the NFL from the NBA and MLB. They have guaranteed contracts and players just don’t care like they use too.

I believe that the vast majority of teams are going to re-up these players’ contracts before they expire and they are going to be very handsomely paid. Until then, these players need to realize that the team they are playing for gave them a chance to play and signed them to a contract that nearly every NFL fan would consider a very lucrative contract. The team took a gamble on these players and paid them a lot of money to play a game. Some times the teams win on these gambles and the players play a lot better than they are being paid, but more often than not, they are getting paid a lot more than their play would warrant. If they keep playing at their high level, they’ll get paid.

Sometimes the players do get signed to fat contracts and end up sucking. They get cut. Player doesn’t get the rest of his contract, team usually has to eat a big chunk of their signing bonus in salary cap space. Yes this part of the game, but it is part of the NFL, you play or you don’t get paid.

Now, I’ll whole heartedly except hold-outs when one thing occurs. When I see the first player signed to a lucrative contract that has a bad year and comes back to the team and says something to the effect, “Hey, I sucked last year, I wasn’t worth the 4 million you paid me last year. Instead of my 4 million this year, just pay me a mil and we’ll call it even. And Mr GM, I’ll play better this year.”

When that day happens, any player that wants more money can hold out to their hearts content. Until then, play. Play like it’s a contract year. You’ll make more money than most people dream of.

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