Cleaning Out the Inbox – Sparrows, Footstock, Nessie and Motocross

Lots of random things from my inbox… Mostly from the worlds finest news source. All worth reading.

Sparrow Aviation blames glass for death… A while back I wrote about the birds that were flying into my windows. Well it turns out that I’m not the only one that views this as a problem. According to the fine reporters at The Onion, apparently sparrows view this as a problem too. Go check out this very good story.

WIKI. I’ve also seen articles about students that use the wikipedia as their only source of information for reports that they do. What they don’t realize is that the wiki isn’t always right. Now we have proof.

Nessie. Everyone remember the Lochness Monster of old. Well apparently, there really were Lochness monsters of old. I mean really old. They found skeletal remains of creatures that bear a very strong resemblance to Nessie down in the Australian Outback. So maybe Nessie is real? You can go here and come to your own conclusions.

Woods? Apparently Tiger thinks everyone let him win the European Open. You can read the official story over at our friends The Onion again.

Motocross. Ever get the feeling that the guys (and gals?) that compete in motor cross just might not have a firm grasp on the world. Well here is the articles that confirms that. Apparently, the one of the guys decided to keep going on his education and learned a little physics and now he realizes that the fact that he didn’t kill himself in his sport is a miracle.

Wired for Sight. Ever wonder exactly how much bandwidth is needed to transmit the data that your eyes interpret to your brain? No? Well apparently someone did because now we know. It is just a little shy of 10 Megabits. Not sure what 10 Megabits is? Most networks now are 100 Megabits and most wireless connection max out around 54 Megabits. Needless to say, we are all pre-wired with a pretty good network connection between our eyes and our brains.

92. Know what that number means? If you follow the Packers, hopefully the first thing that came to mind is Reggie White. He is being enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. Here is a good retrospective on him. Check it out.

TMQ. One of the best parts of the pro football season, at least to me, is reading the very unique commentary of Gregg Easterbrook. He writes an article titled Tuesday Morning Quarterback, currently published on Needless to say, he writes a very unique style of writing about football. For example, in the first article of the year he points out that in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, he determined that of the 123 women portrayed in photos inside the magazine, 63 of them were wearing less than a complete swimsuit. He is always full of unique and interesting factoids. Go read the first article of the year and then stop back each week for more. Usually published late Tuesday morning.

Footstock. Finally, the sport of waterskiing got some real live press in a real live widely read publication. You can my rants about the lack of this earlier over here and here. OK, maybe it wasn’t live, but it was a widely read publication. The NY Times to be exact. It seems that the little town of Crandon, WI hosts an event worthy of the Times coverage. Crandon is the home of Footstock, THE endurance barefoot figure eight race to compete it. It features the largest cash prize and the most competitors. Why do the call if Footstock? Seems it is just as much a party atmosphere as the Woodstock was, but the party is about barefooting. Overall, it was a pretty good article, I just can’t get over the photo they chose to run at the top. The footer has just about the worst barefoot form one could have. Legs straight out, bent forward at the waist. Only time this position would really be OK is if you had just completed a ridiculously long run and were dead tired.

On your right, the Chuck Norris Bridge. Yes, that could be something you just might hear if you go to Budapest, Hungary on a tour. Seems they are letting the people pick a famous person to name the bridge after. Who new the Texas Ranger was that popular in Hungary? He is currently leading with 11% of the vote. I would have thought maybe the Mr. T Bridge would be a better choice. I Pity the Fools who get to live on Walker Way near the Norris Bridge. (That was just a really cheesy line so I could type in Pity the Fool… seems that is a made for TV movie coming soon.)

Must-ski Lounge? Well, that’s it for today. Check back soon for some a recap of my adventures from last weekend. Tried a tumble turn, did an obscene amount of skiing over the course of 12 hours, and went to watch the D2 State Champs put on a show at a great little bar in Fox Lake, WI in weather that was way too hot. We partied till late in the night and had way too much fun.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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