Busy Weekend & Adventures in Fox Lake

As I had mentioned, last weekend was busy, busy by my own choice though. Friday after work I hit the water with John, Ronee and Jonah. Decided to put the boom on the boat and try some tumbles… Here are some action shots with some varying degrees of success.

Just stood up, face full of water
It does not taste good!

Practicing the slide for the first time…
need to keep my feet down just a little bit

This slide is a little better

Close up shot of a deep water start

Once again, face full of water and spray. Too far back on my heals.

More sliding… finally have good form.

Starting to spin just a little bit

Trying the tumble for the first time… form is actually OK.
Handle is at my hip. Just didn’t spin all the way around.

One foot and face full of spray

Still on one foot, still too much spray

Really not sure here. Just a lot of spray.

Saturday morning, woke up early and hit the water once again with John and Seven. My back was a little sore from the tumble turn attempts the night before, but I still did lots of footing. We even managed to share the bay with a weekend wally. He let us foot. Then he pulled his kid tubing, then he took off and we had the bay to ourselves. Between the night before and this morning, probably did 20+ foot runs. That’s lots of skiing in a short time. Lots of fun too.

Saturday night I headed up to Fox Lake to watch the Beaver Dam Must-Skis do a show at the Boathouse Pub. Not the best site for a ski show due to all of the docks and no beach, but a great place to watch a ski show. Great little bar and a fun team to party with.

After the show, went into the cool air conditioning of the bar and ordered up a pizza. Ended up being one of the best bar pizzas I’ve had in a long time. It was a simple, plain pizza, but it was delicious. The other kicker, the bar had Stella Artois on tap and they had the Golden Chalices to serve the beer in. Definitely a place to head back to.

Ended up partying the night away with John, T-Bell, Ma & Pa Bell and Marcy. Pa Bell did lots of karaoke while T-Bell also frequented the stage quite a few times. By the end of the night I had consumed enough liquid courage to also take to the stage and did my rendition of Ram Jam’s Black Betty. Here are some night to remember the night with… Luckily, there is no audio.

Whoa, Black Betty… Bam-a-lam…
Note the chalice I’m holding, it has Stella Artois in it

T-Bell, Me & Marcy
Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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