State Show Ski Tournament Wrap Up

2006 Wisconsin State Champions!!!

This past weekend the Mad-City Ski Team, of which I’m a member, competed in the Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament. It takes place each summer on the 3rd weekend in July and has always been held in Wisconsin Rapids. It is currently held on Lake Wazeecha, about 5 minutes east of Rapids. I think that the red sand beach on Lake Wazeecha is truly the best show ski site that I’ve skied on. Finally, the Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament is the LARGEST water ski tournament held anywhere in the world. More people take more ski runs than at any other tournament anywhere.

Show Recap

Saturday morning Mad-City took to the water about 945. We had ideal conditions. Not too hot, calm winds, sunny. The sun was shining on Mad-City.

The Red Sand Beach of Lake Wazeecha – Filling Up for Mad-City

Ready for the show

Our show started off with a bang, 6 backfooters made their steps (of 7) and 5 made it through the show course. Then our opening pyramid came through, a 4-2-4 and made it back to the beach losing only a couple in the corner.

Cory skiing in so comedy can be scored, barely makes his starts… blames the shallow water

Next up, montage ran smoothly, Mark made is back deep, face down in the sand, which is always a good sign. Cake made his air chair pass and Paul nailed his wake board pass like he never has, started with an air rally, then two a scarecrow, another invert and then a final scarecrow as he went past the dock.

Cake doing a front on the sky ski in montage

Then our One Act Show cruises through the show course. Lake side, we start with a shoe skier doing overhead 360s. Next up, a 3 high pyramid, top two tiers consisting of all 9 year olds. Next to the pyramid, we have a couple doing doubles holding a back drape. Finally, show side, we have two guys hitting the ramp, one doing a gainer and the other a front flip. This is a hot act.

The ladies of Mad-City then did their ballet opening dance and hit the water 21 strong, nobody swimming. Both passes were good and they hit the beach clean, hand in hand and running. Music started up for their ending dance which the crowd loved. The 5 ladies toe-tapping on the bars brought the crowds to their feet.

The Ladies of Coyote Ugly hit the water… the Mad-City Girls Ballet Team

Then our first jump act hit the water. We did our rendition of the hangman which we call the Plagerizer. We have one guy do a front flip over two guys, one doing a front flip and one doing a heli. The whole jump act was clean and quick.

The Plagerizeer

Next on the water was our star swivel act. We have 4 of the best swivelers in the state with 11 state championships between them. Overall it was a good swivel act, just not that much I can say about a swivel act. After swivel we do a quick transition to Big Act, which this year was a BIG ACT. 51 people strong. 7 staggered trios, 5 star swivelers (Amanda did a good job sneaking in to join the 4 swivelers on the beach). We also had a good size toe turning line and conventional doubles. Big act was clean and received a standing ovation. First standing O for a big act I’ve ever seen.

Trios landing, Conventionals coming in behind them

Next on the water we have our second jump act, lost a couple jumpers on a their jumps, but still a pretty clean act. Then we go into a little fill where Adam talks about the need for announcers to have a little respect for themselves. Here he rips on Brian from RAJ for wearing a mullet last year, Rob from the Waterbugs for dressing up as a superhero and not sure who from the Webfooters dressing up with elf like shoes with bells (Adam made his own). Not a great fill, but we have more on tap, plus it is long enough for us to setup our ending pyramid.

We put up a 4-3-4 that came through the show course with the theme from Superman blasting in the background.

Our Ending Pyramid

This is followed up with our boat driver intro… give the skiers a little time to reset for the next acts.

The drivers of Mad-City… They make us a ski team instead of a swim team.

Finally, one of the true highlights of the tournament. Adam. Evolution of Dance. Mad-City style. Some of you may have seen the Evolution of Dance video circulating the net. We took that, cut out a bunch of songs and added in a bunch of Mad-City and show skiing related songs. Adam cut a rug as I spun the tunes for what turned out to be the highest scoring act of the tournament. I know Adam spent a lot of time practicing it and I know I spent a lot of time preparing to play the music.

Our show doesn’t end there though, it keeps on going (Keep On, Keep On, Keep On…) Next act on the water was our ending barefoot act. First through the course was Cake and The Kid coming through behind the jump and looping around to come through the show course back footing. Chasing them is our barefoot pyramid. Didn’t come through the show course, but still sweet.

Finally, our ending combo-ballet-swivel act takes to the water. Our guys do a little dance on the dock and take off to make their ballet run. Following them in the ballet pattern is our girls ballet-swivel line. 37 people in the act behind two boats. The hit the beach and danced. Our show ended with the crowd standing on their feet.

Guys ballet hits the water.

The girls in the combo line

One of the cleanest shows I’ve ever seen.

Weekend Recap

The weekend started long before Saturday morning. Thursday afternoon I arrived in Rapids. Managed to arrive just in time to watch Ann swivel and saw her ski a clean swivel routine. Next up, I watched team jump. Didn’t track the scores on paper or anything, but listened to them and tried to track them in my head. Watched the Mad-City jump team hit the water and ski our Jump I act cleanly. Didn’t expect that as our team (entire team, not just the jumpers) had been a swim team of late. Heard their scores and thought they had the lead. Watched the last teams jump and was pretty sure they had won. Wasn’t positive though. Mike Imhof did a nice job announcing from behind the speaker with our cut out of Adam sitting center stage. (I even heard a few comments from people who though it was Adam announcing.)

Our Team Jump Announcer

Team Jump: four man front flip… clean!

Thursday night I hit the bars with Imhof, Ari and Tristan. Hit the Crazy Horse and had a good time. Nothing special, nothing wild though. I’ve come to the conclusion we need Cake in the house to get everybody motivated to really party hard on Thursday night.

Friday came way too early. Hit the site ’bout noon, ate some lunch, watched some shows. Caught the Must-skis show and thought they did a very good job. They had lost a lot of members from last year and weren’t expected to really compete. But with a clean show, they put themselves in the running.

After the show, went back to the hotel to regroup and then headed to the team meeting down at Heilman’s cottage. Now you may have a hard time believing this, but I’ve only really tried turkey a couple times and never really like it. They had some turkey in a Nestco, and was it ever good. Ending up eating 4 turkey sandwiches, any one of them which was way more than the total turkey I had previously consumed. I now have the recipe and will be trying it out on my own sometime.

Show walk through went well, although were still some sound/announcing/fill parts that we never really practiced… Heard from New Mike, he wasn’t going to be able to make it to head out, but was planning on being at the show…

Went back to the hotel, relaxed and got ready for the show the next morning.

Saturday, woke up bright and early and arrived at the site at 630. Prepped for the show. Show went well. Then did some R & R. Many hit the beer tent. I did a little, but mainly just for the camaraderie, I’m just not a big daylight drinker… Plus there is the fact that the cops more or less stake out the roads around the park at the end of the day.

John and Bugs at 2:24pm

A common scene in the beer tent… empty pitchers!!!

On the way back to the hotel, picked up some more Spaten and Stella and a Little Caesar’s pizza. Ate, washed up, drank, drank and then drank some more (Spaten and Stella go down so easy). The bus for our now annual bus tour of Rapids picked us up at 930. Hit the first bar and just didn’t feel that welcome. One of the bartenders offered someone a case of beer if we got back on the bus. Next bar was better, but way too crowded for my tastes. The last bar was the best. We had the bar to ourselves more or less and partied hard. Dancing, foosball, bubble hockey and more dancing. We had a couple trailers from Badgerland and the Waterbugs joining us and it was ll good. Lots of fun, lots of drinking and safe rides home for everyone. Truly the way to do it.

Tristan, myself and Ari

Tristan, Seven, Brad, John and me

Libby and Me on the Bus

Me and Lisa

Sunday morning came way too early. And I mean way too early. I stumbled out of bed to the shower to try and bring some life back in to me. I tried waking up the others in the room per their request, but no dice. When I got out of the shower, the neighbors across the hall were nice enough to be pounding on the door. Still no movement by the others, finally I just let them in and they managed to wake everyone up.

I managed to get ready and made it down to the site in time to catch Janesville. Brief review of their show, pretty clean skiing, phenomenal barefooting, intros need some work and the boat patterns weren’t good (saw way too many people getting pulled through rollers). After watching their show, I thought we had them beat, but I knew it was close and could go either way.

The rest of Sunday was a long day of waiting. Caught the Rapids show and loved it. Way small, but lots of fun. Once again, they had people ski on stuff (a half barrel and a “crapper”), the jumpers dropped their doubles and trios girls in the water when told they could go jump, and the little girl that was pulled at 6mph behind the triple rig for what seems like forever. The show course and button loop pattern takes a lot longer when you going that slow. And the triple rig needed all 450 of it’s horse to pull the little girl weighing 36 pounds though the show course.

345 HP using every ounce of power to pull a tiny listtle girl.
Most mismatched horse power to weight ratio of the weekend.

Want to drink and ski? Go ski on a half barrel… You’ll have plenty of beer.

Ever have an upset stomach and still want to ski, just go skiing on a crapper.
Here’s proof it can be done!

Finally, the last show finished up, and the wait for the awards was really on. D2 was announced first. Congrats (once again) go to the Must-Skis for winning pick up boat, sound and 1st place overall in D2.

Now on to D1… Mad-City won Best Ballet, Highest Scoring Jump Act, Dock and Equipment, Pick Up Boats, Boat Driving, Comedy and Audio Presentation (Adam, Cory and I). The ‘nuts won best trick skier, Webfooters took home most original act, RAJ took home best bfoot act and best male and female skiers.

Adam, Cory and I => Best Audio Presentation

Mad-City took 1st, followed by RAJ in 2nd and the ‘footers in 3rd.

The Results – numbers may not be exact, but everything should be close

Afterwards we headed to Lake Sherwood Lodge for food, drinks and celebration. About 10pm I pulled out the video I received from Beth’s dad that day and we watched the show. Most seeing for the first time. Everybody loved it…

Joey, Paul, Libby, Bugs, Russ and Ann

John and Libby, not sure what they are doing?

Seven thinks he can dance


Last ones at Sherwood… Libby, Bugs, Paul, John, Seven, Laura & Me

I headed home about 1am, arriving home about 230… Overall, a very long weekend, but lots of fun. Looking forward to doing it again next year. But first, Nationals in August.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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