Repeat Offender Serving 7 to 10 Minutes

Yet more proof that The Onion is America’s Finest News Source… “In this corner, you have plenty of time to think.” And there is more that is even better…

In other news, apparently, the next time I make my way to Boston, MA in the summer, I should be able to find some people to ski with. Seems there is a group of dedicated water skiers that formed the Dorchester Bay Club that like to ski in Boston Harbor on Wednesday night. And no, I’m not making this up. You can read the story here. I personally love the photo with the story. Dude looks like he is struggling to stay up on two. Love the enthusiasm to go skiing there.

I’ve found the TV that I want to have at my house. Notice I didn’t say in my house. I don’t think it’d fit. This TV measures 134 by 55. And those measurements are in feet. I could set it up in my backyard, install a new giant picture window to watch it through. Pretty sweet. It is HD too! Comes with a stadium quality sound system and goes for a mere $8 million. Best part is, my yard is wide enough to hold it in the back. Not sure I could afford the electricity to run it though.

Finally, now that the Little League World Series is over and the NFL hasn’t quite started yet, if you are looking for something sports related to watch, check out the US Open. Yes, that is tennis I’m talking about. Looking for some reasons to watch, go here. You just might find yourself interested. In other news, I watched a total of about 5 innings of the LLWS and 1 quarter of preseason football (all of the football tonight). I’m still too busy skiing and partaking in sports to sit back and watch them.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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