Leading Up to Electronic Warfare

Here are some more random stories collected from around the net… Enjoy!

In Favre We Trust. Somehow, this story at The Onion (which is America’s finest news source) just doesn’t seem to be too far fetched. I could see this happening.

Superman Wears Jack Bauer Pajamas. Jack Bauer shoots a guy in his leg to get him to talk, he talks. Then to get says, “This will help the pain” and smacks the guy over the head to make him pass out. While waiting of the next day to start, you can go here and get lots of random facts about Mr. Super CTU.

Double Up del Noche. Pro Wakeboard Tour will be taking the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee on Monday night. I’m tempted to wander over there. Interested, let me know. Drop a comment or shoot me an email if you know it. More details here.

Chuck Norris Bridge [update] A while back I posted about Hungary is having a contest to name a new bridge and Chuck Norris was in the lead. Well, since then, the current vote has changed. Check this out for more details. Turns out they like Comedy Central in Hungary as well. Now, Stephan Colbert has jumped into the lead since he pimped himself on his show. Want to go vote, the article has details on how you can help name a bridge that you’ll like never see.

Tom & Jerry. No not the drink, but the classic cartoon. Apparently, over in Europe they are not taking kindly to this old toon (and some others). Apparently, there are a handful of shorts that show smoking. And everyone knows that all kids do everything they see cartoon cat and mice do on TV. Supposedly, they are suppose to be censored and edited so they are not shown smoking, but they aren’t doing enough. Don’t believe me. Here is the real story. The links are a little funny. If they don’t work, goto Reuters.com and search for smoking in cartoons.

Electronic Warfare. Bullet Proof Jacket. Check. Helmet. Check. Rifle. Check. MP3 Player. Check. Yes, that could be a real checklist that someone about to march into battle may go through. Apparently, some people stationed in some hot areas have quite the collection of electronic gadgetry. Get the rest of the story here. [this is by no means meant to be anything negative about the troops. it is just an observation.]

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