Snakes on a Plane

Walking into this movie, I wasn’t quite sure I was in the right theatre. I expected to see a theatre of late teens and twenty something’s, but there was a variety of people in there, older, younger, clean cut and otherwise.

This is another movie where my expectations were low going on. Surprisingly, there was a lot more story to the movie than I ever expected to see. Although, going for the low brow, cheesy not quite a horror flick with some action, they managed to hit the nail on the head. Even had a spot that made me jump.

There are way too many cheesy CGI snakes and snakes biting people in lots of strategic places that make you both grown and laugh. There is even a cute little dog to watch.

Without Mr. Jackson staring in the movie, it probably wouldn’t have been as entertaining. I kept waiting for him to bust out into his speech from Pulp Fiction (“If any of you mother fuckin’ [snakes] move, I’ll execute every mother fucking last one of ya!”) Either that, or see him whip out his light saber from his Mace Windu character and start slicing and dicing the snakes.

If you like the cheesy type of movie that this aims to be, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t in to the movies, you might as well wait for the DVD.

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