This Looks Bad…

This is a picture of Mr. Jeff “Cupcake” Jacobson. He’s a really good skier. Doesn’t it look like he is going to smash his head into the top of the jump? In reality, he does this damn near everytime. We even have a picture of him from a year ago that looks even closer. And just like always, he skied away.

Photo from Jim’s Photo’s.

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Jumping Again, More Things to Think About

Took a jump set on Monday night. Landed all 4 (really is no way not to land a jump) and skied away on 3. Little Rich actually managed to catch a good picture of my landing on the first jump. As you can see, way too much slack in the rope (it should be a straight line). If you look at my arms you can see I’ve pulled up on the rope while in the air. My elbows should be tight to my side, not one in front of me and another behind my shoulder. Now I have pretty broad shoulders, but you can also see my skis are a bit more than shoulder width apart. They should be a little closer together and I need to resist the water more. This picture is just a moment before my ass hits the water. And when that happens, it acts like a giant anchor. Just a few things I picked up from looking at this picture to think about next time…

Now in this picture, from my second jump of the night, you can also see my skis are just a little too spread out. I did a better job of not pulling up on the rope. It is relatively straight and you can my elbows are still tight to my side.

I wish I had a good picture of my fourth jump. It felt like I was going to go out the front and that usually means I’m in about the right position in the air.

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The Break-Up

I went out and caught The Break-Up last Friday. Would have rather have been skiing, but things didn’t cooperate so I hit the theatre. Took some slack for it from my buddy too. Anyway, back to the movie. My main reason for seeing is it looked like it might be a little bit of a continuation of Swingers, kind of taking up the character of Trent (played by Vince Vaughn) several years later.

Saying it is like Swingers is doing a little disrespect to just how good Swingers was. Now for those of you who don’t know, Swingers, in my opinion is the one and only Guy Flick. Now the ladies in the world have hundreds, if not thousands, of Chick Flicks to choose from. Us guys have one. Luckily, we have a great movie to pick from since our list contains only one choice.

Now back to The Break-Up. Yes, it is a little like Trent’s life a few laters, but it is nowhere near as good as Swingers, but it is just a little bit enjoyable. Just enough where it was worth watching. There is another pretty good video game sequence, once again not as good as the sequence in Swingers, which is the definition what a video game movie sequence should be.

BTW, Jennifer Aniston is in the movie as well, and that never hurts.

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Out of the Sound Booth

It’s nice when they let me out of the sound booth during the ski shows… Here’s some proof that they actually do let me ski on occasion. They let me ski my favorite act, conventional doubles. It’s not much, but I’m on the water. I’m 3rd from the left in the first picture.

Now if I can only convince them to let me do part of the opening barefoot act. I even have a way to work it into the theme.

These photos are from Jim’s Photos.
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Inspired to do some eights…

Spray in the sun!

Having watched lots of people do lots of figure eights a couple days before, my buddies and I were inspired to try some of our own. I had a tough time making through the first half of the eight, but was holding my position well until the driver realized he needed to tighten up the corner a little or he’d be too close to shore. When he tightened the turn, my cut was no longer enough to hold my spot and I was whipped through the bubbles.

I’ve posted some action photos that show me holding, holding, whipped… enjoy…

Photo 1: Starting the corner

Photo 2: Holding my spot in the corner

Photo 3: Whipped through the bubbles

As you can see in the last two photos, there is a definate difference the in radius shown by the bubbles. In photo 3 the bubbles are a lot tighter than photo 2. Needless to say, I’ll keep working on it, just need to find a better driver. Until then, I’ll blame the driver (just like any good skier does!)

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Dual in the Weeds

Last weekend the 2nd Annual Mad-City Dual took place in Monona Bay. It was a successful tournament that ended up with a competition between Bob Manhke and Paul Stokes for the championship and Paul ended up winning.

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of weeds in the bay area. I’ve attached a few pics of the final figure eight and you can see the weeds are evident everywhere.

Notice the weed cutter sitting idle in the background

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Random Thoughts About Sports

First up, Soccer… Today while eating lunch I caught the end of the World Cup soccer game between Germany and Costa Rica and I ended up learning something new about the game of soccer. I knew they played two 45 minute halves and would go in to overtime or shoot out and the end of regulation if it was tied. I also knew that the clock kept running when the ball goes out-of-bounds, there’s a penalty or injury. What I didn’t know is they keep track of how much time runs off during the out-of-bounds, penalties and injuries and then at the end of regulation they go into something like extra time to play for the time when, at least in my opinion, the clock should have been stopped. My question is why don’t they just stop the clock then? Every other sport that involves a clock does this. I can’t think of a good reason for not stopping the clock. Is there one?

Next up, Endurance Barefooting… Later on today the second annual Mad-City Endurance Dual takes place and I’ll be attending. I’m curious to see the condition of the bay. As I mentioned earlier, it is typically chuck full of weeds and was just a couple days ago.

Finally, Sport Laws… Saw a very funny article by Gene Wojciechowski on today discussing what is acceptable to do in various sports situations… The very best “law” in my opinion was the last one. The Packers beat the Bears on a Brett Favre touchdown at Lambeau Field. You turn to the Cheesehead next to you and embrace. What is the maximum time allowed for a Man Hug? Lets just say the answer involves no nipple-to-nipple touching. Read the rest of it here.

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Dusted Off the Jump Skis

This past weekend I dusted off the jump skis, strapped on my helmet and hit the ramp for the first time of the year. Not a good set, but not too bad either. 3 for 8, landing my last two. I realized something as we were going back past the jump on my way to do jump number 7. When your learning to jump, they tell you three things.


A little bend in the knees. Look at the trees (horizon). Freeze – hold your position.

It really is that simple. But what I realized is I wasn’t doing step 2. I wasn’t looking at the trees. Once I made that correction, my last two jumps were much better. Still not great by any means though. After having just looking through the pictures, my skis are coming apart and I really need to resist the water on my landing. I still relax too much in the air. I also noticed I’m pulling up on the handle and that is probably generating a lot of the slack in my rope. I need to lock my elbows into my sides. So I need to work on my execution of step 3 as well. Knowing this, hopefully my next set will be better.

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Mad-City Dual

This weekend the second annual Mad-City Dual takes place in Monona Bay at Brittingham Park (visible on the north portion of this map – also notice the weeds). Now what makes this interesting is currently, Monona Bay is chuck full of weeds. It looks like a field, not a body of water (to the right is a picture of the bay), and they plan on having a barefoot figure eight tournament in there?

Simple put, there is some work to be done. The weed cutters are all poised to go to work in there, but still, there is a lot of work to do. Nearly the entire bay is overgrown with weeds. Just a couple weeks ago, back on Memorial Day, I managed to sneak a run in there, but even then, we had to pick the boat path carefully.

In Monona Bay they’ve placed these things called Solarbees that are suppose to reduce the amount of weeds and algae. Based on what I’ve seen, they aren’t helping to control the weeds. Most of the ‘bees are surrounded by weeds. The county has also received a $100,000 grant to protect the lakes and streams. I’m hoping they spend the money wisely.

I do hope this tournament is successful. And that the water cleanup is successful. It would be nice to be able to go skiing in Monona Bay in July and not have to imagine that you’re a swamp monster. The water is nice and clear in April and the beginning of May, why can’t it be clear in June, July, August and September?

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X3: The Last Stand

I also caught X-Men: The Last Stand when it came out as well. Once again, this was a good movie. Not on-par with the first two, but still a good movie. It seemed like they kind of threw it together quick and then I heard that after the director of the first two, Bryan Singer, dropped out to do the new Superman movie they got another director to come in and shoot it quick so it could beat Superman to the big screen. It all makes sense now.

Like I said though, it was still a good movie to watch. Wolverine continues to kick ass, but their isn’t much of Rogue or Jean Grey, two other mutants that I liked.

One thing that parallels the real world is the topic of the movie. Enhanced human beings. Currently we have a baseball player or two that are just a little too pumped up and they are being ridiculed for what they’ve done to themselves with drugs. Makes you wonder what would happen if someone just had a different gene that would let them smash baseballs out of the park or throw 80-yard bullet passes?

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