Dusted Off the Jump Skis

This past weekend I dusted off the jump skis, strapped on my helmet and hit the ramp for the first time of the year. Not a good set, but not too bad either. 3 for 8, landing my last two. I realized something as we were going back past the jump on my way to do jump number 7. When your learning to jump, they tell you three things.


A little bend in the knees. Look at the trees (horizon). Freeze – hold your position.

It really is that simple. But what I realized is I wasn’t doing step 2. I wasn’t looking at the trees. Once I made that correction, my last two jumps were much better. Still not great by any means though. After having just looking through the pictures, my skis are coming apart and I really need to resist the water on my landing. I still relax too much in the air. I also noticed I’m pulling up on the handle and that is probably generating a lot of the slack in my rope. I need to lock my elbows into my sides. So I need to work on my execution of step 3 as well. Knowing this, hopefully my next set will be better.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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