X3: The Last Stand

I also caught X-Men: The Last Stand when it came out as well. Once again, this was a good movie. Not on-par with the first two, but still a good movie. It seemed like they kind of threw it together quick and then I heard that after the director of the first two, Bryan Singer, dropped out to do the new Superman movie they got another director to come in and shoot it quick so it could beat Superman to the big screen. It all makes sense now.

Like I said though, it was still a good movie to watch. Wolverine continues to kick ass, but their isn’t much of Rogue or Jean Grey, two other mutants that I liked.

One thing that parallels the real world is the topic of the movie. Enhanced human beings. Currently we have a baseball player or two that are just a little too pumped up and they are being ridiculed for what they’ve done to themselves with drugs. Makes you wonder what would happen if someone just had a different gene that would let them smash baseballs out of the park or throw 80-yard bullet passes?

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