Random Thoughts About Sports

First up, Soccer… Today while eating lunch I caught the end of the World Cup soccer game between Germany and Costa Rica and I ended up learning something new about the game of soccer. I knew they played two 45 minute halves and would go in to overtime or shoot out and the end of regulation if it was tied. I also knew that the clock kept running when the ball goes out-of-bounds, there’s a penalty or injury. What I didn’t know is they keep track of how much time runs off during the out-of-bounds, penalties and injuries and then at the end of regulation they go into something like extra time to play for the time when, at least in my opinion, the clock should have been stopped. My question is why don’t they just stop the clock then? Every other sport that involves a clock does this. I can’t think of a good reason for not stopping the clock. Is there one?

Next up, Endurance Barefooting… Later on today the second annual Mad-City Endurance Dual takes place and I’ll be attending. I’m curious to see the condition of the bay. As I mentioned earlier, it is typically chuck full of weeds and was just a couple days ago.

Finally, Sport Laws… Saw a very funny article by Gene Wojciechowski on ESPN.com today discussing what is acceptable to do in various sports situations… The very best “law” in my opinion was the last one. The Packers beat the Bears on a Brett Favre touchdown at Lambeau Field. You turn to the Cheesehead next to you and embrace. What is the maximum time allowed for a Man Hug? Lets just say the answer involves no nipple-to-nipple touching. Read the rest of it here.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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