We Have a Caption Winner…

Saw this over at Pointless Waste of Time… They have a caption contest for the photo of the day. The caption winners are usually pretty funny, but this one had some great captions… I especially like the caption’s by Raoul and a1kemi.

I’d still like to see them ramp something [6.14.06]

As of the writing of this, we had a tie for yesterday’s craption winner:

The enemy had to admit, it was the best surrender they’d ever seen.
-by Caption Man

‘Crotchburn Carlos’ had the special role of applying the brakes.
-by Raoul

Not bad. Though I’ve always had a special affection for captioners who pick out something way in the blurry background of the picture and make that the basis of the joke:

Sergent Punjabi turned to take a piss on the fence. Nothing interesting ever happened on road patrol. -by a1kemi

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