My Other Foot

Today I finally accomplished a barefoot trick I’ve been working on for a while now. Nothing major, but it is something I wanted to get done. I’ve been doing one-foots for a while now where I lift up my right foot. And I’ve been doing them pretty successfully and easily, conditions permitting. I’ve been working on lifting my left foot up since the beginning of summer and just haven’t been able to bring myself to lift it off the water. I shift all my weight onto my right foot, but when I tell my muscles to lift that foot, they don’t respond.

I couple weeks ago while skiing with Dale, I borrowed his barefoot trainers and tried a few one-foots lifting the left foot they worked out OK, but when I tried them on my feet again, it just wasn’t happening.

Today, it finally did. Skiing by the weeds off Olin Point on Lake Monona I finally got over the mental block and lifted my left foot of the water. Wasn’t comfortable, but was a definite solid one-foot. 20 minutes in the bay I replicated it and felt a lot more comfortable doing it too. Next, one foots on the wrong side of the wake (lift the left foot when in the right curl and lift the right foot in the left curl).

I put some pictures up below showing me doing both variations of the one foot, left and right.

This is the foot I’ve been good at for a while, lifting my right foot. Looks pretty good right in front the Madison sky line. To bad my camera sucks, otherwise this would have been a great picture.

Now we’re in Monona Bay (still lots of weeds in here) and this is a good shot of a one-foot on my normal foot again. We’re making use of a narrow path that cuts through the weeds across the middle of the bay that is about 30 feet wide, maybe.

Still in the bay amongst the weeds, but here is a good picture of me doing a goofy one foot, lifting my left foot, and actually feeling comfortable doing it. In my opinion I’m also on the wrong side of the wake (I really like the driver side curl), but that is another habit I need to break.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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