Even I Can Make a Big Splash, Literally

As you can see, I did some more jumping last night. If my feet were a little closer together, I think this would actually be pretty good form. But with my feet spread apart like that, it leaves ample room for my butt to hit the water when I land, and when my butt hits the water, it acts like a giant anchor, and you can see the end result of that in the next picture. That and I need to stop relaxing in the air. I need to think “resist the water” so my butt doesn’t get the opportunity to act like an anchor…

Anyway, enjoy the one good picture of me in the air and the one picture of me crashing into the water. And one last thing, my body rebelled this morning from the jumping, completely and totally sore. Knees and back were the worst. Walking up and down stairs was a challenge until lunch time when they finally started to feel a bit better.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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