One Year Ago I Put Myself Through Hell Week…

Now begins Hell Week Part II… Today marks the one year anniversary of what I’ve taken to calling my Hell week. Basically, the Saturday before the Mercury Open I took some foot runs in the morning, injured my shoulder (it is still sore to this day), still did 4-high pyramids corning at practice, got stranded on a highway by a broken down truck in extreme heat and humidity, stayed up half the night getting the music ready for the tournament show the next day, and that was just day one.

Rest of the week was just as busy. Lots of skiing, lots of fun.

This year it is looking like I’m doing the same to myself. Kicked off Hell week early by closing down the Come Back In last Sunday night and going to Pat McCurdy on Tuesday. We had practice this morning at 7am, but I still went skiing on my own before that at 530a to get some good runs in on good calm water. Tonight I’m prepping for the tournament tomorrow. Will try to go skiing multiple times a day multiple times this week, Pearl Jam Concert on Friday, Rhythm and Booms on Saturday. More skiing. I love Hell weeks!!!

Good part is I didn’t start the week off with an injury! And the funny part, this is just the busiest week of summer, but not by much. The rest of it is nearly as busy and just as fun.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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