Caught Click last night starring Mr. Adam Sandler. Having seen the previews I went in thinking it was a comedy and it actually starts out that way as well. Then about 1/3 of the way through it changes from a comedy to a drama. To sum up the movie, its message is simple.

Live life for every moment, and savor every minute of it.

It got me thinking a little about my life and I’d like to think that I try to follow that motto, but at times it is difficult because there are times that one needs to relax a little as well.

Anyway, back to the movie… As a movie it is pretty good, but as a comedy you’re not going to like it. It just isn’t a comedy to write home about. Sandler does a good job with his dramatic role and Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie) as his dad is great. The other guest stars are well cast as well. There are some allusions to his other movies, specifically, his neighbors. I liked the movie, but be warned, it isn’t a comedy. And one last thing, next time I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond (yea, I do go there once in a while) I’m going to look for the Beyond section.

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