Cracking the Code

You probably thought I haven’t been seeing movies lately. You’d be wrong. I did head out and catch The Da Vinci Code when it opened. Just too busy with other stuff to post my review.

I had just finished reading the book and was anxious to see the movie. I had read Dan Brown’s first two books, Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, and was enjoyed both. They are real page turners, especially Angels & Demons.

The movie, although it has good spots, I thought just didn’t get the pacing right. Reading the book, it was almost hard to put down. The movie just didn’t capture that. They also simplified and changed the ending quite a bit and I just can’t come up with a reason why. It wasn’t too complicated or anything.

Now the very opening sequence in the Louver started off good, but also had gone through the simplification process for no good reason either. Just not sure why they had to change a well done book.

Hanks was OK, but didn’t make me go wow with his performance. Same with the leading lady. Not bad, but just OK. The guy playing the monk nailed his performance.

All in all, not a bad movie, but not really a great movie either, just one that I saw once and probably won’t head out of my way to see again.

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