1 Step Closer to a B-Foot Pyramid

Tonight at ski team practice, besides the typical chick-hauling that occurs when we do pyramids, we actually had, for us at least, what we’d call glass calm water. Now it wasn’t actually glass, but close enough for us. At the end of practice, some us decided to do some braced barefoot step-offs in anticipation of someday basing a barefoot pyramid.

The first time I ended up being the odd man out in the set and just practiced a barefoot step off in the bubbles behind the twin rig. Made the step off, but the bubbles were not fun. But getting the practice step in calmed my fears of trying this out.

Second set, I’m up. I have my foot planted and I’m waiting for the guy next to me step off since he had planned on stepping first. Well, the speed my have been just a touch slow, and boom, face plant. We gather ourselves and take another shot at it. This time the speed was probably a little hot. We get the driver to back off a bit. My partner never really gets comfortable enough with his plant and yells to me, “You comfortable?”

At that point I decide to step.

Then I step.

Without missing a beat, I answer back “Yea.”

By this time we had progressed past the calm area and were now getting in the slightly rougher stuff. I’m now trying to brace him and help him hold his spot as I keep my spot on the curl. Finally, exhausted, I call it before I hurt myself.

Best part, I made my step while braced. Something I hadn’t done before.

On an unrelated note, our twin rig is delivering some super smooth pulls of the dock… Now if it only had a speedo…

One last note… Driving to practice, rain. Leaving practice, rain. I’m getting tired of dodging raindrops all the time.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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