Summer is Here!!!

It appears that summer is finally here. Yes, finally here. The weather last week seems to have finally pushed spring out and summer in. Last week featured a variety of crazy weather. Storms pretty much daily. Mad-City managed to get in our practices between storms, downpours, etc, but dodging bolts of lightening just isn’t that fun. Wednesday’s practice was cut short because of some severe weather that moved through. Thursday’s was delayed due to storms moving through.

Friday, summer began. Beautiful weather, hot, clear, blue skies. Saturday, just like Friday. Our practice Saturday morning was very likely our warmest practice of the year so far. The air temp was already in the 70s. A very nice change from the 50s and 60s we had been practicing in. Sunday, was just hot and humid. We put out a good show, but nothing special since our practice up to this point had been limited.

Then on Memorial Day, I played uncle. I took my sister and her family out to the lake. We taught Anna, my seven year old niece, how to ski. She got up on the boom on her first try. The first two times she skied I dragged along side of her on the boom so she was a little more comfortable in the lake. The third time, she went by herself and did great. Next time she wants to go on the short line. Both of my nephews also skied, but they had both gone before.

All in all, a good Memorial Day weekend to kick off summer.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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