United 93

This is a movie that is kind of hard to describe. I’m going to assume that is an accurate portrayal of what happened that morning basically because I haven’t heard an uprising of complaints saying it is completely inaccurate, and based on its content, we would have heard those complaints if it was. I realize what they portrayed on the plane is somewhat of conjecture based on the calls they received, but they didn’t make it overly dramatic or anything like that.

I found the movie to be hard to watch. Not because it was done poorly, or was over the top, or anything bad to say about the movie. It was more because of everything going through my head as I remembered that day.

I had a meeting that morning to get my house plans approved and then drove to work listening to CDs all the way there. Upon going in to work and then up to my desk, even though it was a bright, sunny day here in Madison, upon leaving the elevator, I couldn’t help but get a strange feeling. Although it was nearly 10am, nobody was at their desks. Then I saw everyone at just a few people’s desks, huddled around the radios, listening. And then I couldn’t believe what I heard…

The movie doesn’t paint a good picture of how the government and it’s agencies operated that day, but not because of the people doing their jobs, but because the people doing their jobs knew something was happening but couldn’t do anything about it. They were screaming for help, asking for support and for the very, very difficult decisions to be made and the help and decisions were not happening.

If you can take going through that difficult day again, this movie is well worth watching. Not because you’re going to walk out entertained, not because you’ll walk out pissed at the government’s inability to do anything, but because you’ll have realized that a lot of people were trying to do something that day and we do have everyday heroes living among us. And how that one day changed your life, your country and your world.

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