Why the music business sucks

Further proof the music business sucks. Sony sells their songs and the musicians, the people that actually made the music, receive 4.5% from their sales. What does Sony do with the other 94.5 cents it makes? Granted iTunes is getting a piece, but Im guessing Sony is taking home the majority of it and investing it in ways to further prevent us from listening to the music that we buy. Hmm, I buy a CD and can’t play it on my computer’s CD player without install spyware? That just doesn’t seem right.

And they wonder why we think CDs (and music in general) are overpriced? Now if I bought a CD for $10 and knew the band was taking home 60% of that, it wouldn’t be bad, but I’m guessing they maybe make a buck of that. And who can find CDs for $10, they are 12-13 if you’re lucky.

Sony playing a Cheap Trick on musicians?

Last modified: April 28, 2006, 6:42 PM PDT

By Greg Sandoval

Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Two rock bands, the Allman Brothers Band and Cheap Trick, have filed a lawsuit against Sony BMG alleging that they are shortchanged when Sony divvies up royalties from digital downloads.

Filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in New York, the suit claims Sony should pay its musicians more as part of a contract the company has allegedly failed to live up to, according to reports published on the Web sites of Forbes and Billboard magazines.

The bands, which were at the height of their popularity more than 20 years ago, claim in their suit that they’re entitled to half of the profits from online sales at sites such as iTunes and Napster, Forbes reported.

Right now the bands receive only 4.5 cents on every 99 cent sale of one of their songs, the suit claims.

Neither Sony representatives nor managers for the bands could be reached for comment Friday evening.

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