M:I:3 – This Time It’s Personal

That would have been my tag line for the movie. Now those of you I’ve talked movies with know that I absolutely hated the 2nd movie in this series. I absolutely despised it. When I went to it (the 2nd one) I ran into a friend who had just seen it and he thought it was horrible. I still went in to watch it because I didn’t really trust his reviews that much, lets just say they were inconsistent. I thought the first one was decent. Slick hi-tech gadgets in spy vs. spy battles. Ving Rhames was ultra cool as the gadget guy. So I was hoping of more the same from the second.

Boy was I disappointed. But then, a few days later I ended up trying to see another movie that I wanted to see but was about 15 minutes late, so to be fair knowing I had a negative connation going into it the first time, I decided to give it one more try. It was painful. 20 minutes into the movie, I kept thinking to myself “why can’t everyone just die, then the movie would be over!” No such luck. I never expect much in the way of plot from what I like to call “popcorn-flicks”, but some plot connecting the dots is always nice. The plot connecting the action sequences flat lined. It developed no interest for me, and I really didn’t care what happened. Later, I read an article about in EW that discussed how Tom and John (Woo) came up with their plot for MI2. Here’s what they conservation went like:

John: I always wanted to crash a plane into a mountain.
Tom: We can do that. I like motorcycles.
John: We’ll put in a chase sequence then. I like kung-fu.
Tom: We’ll do some kung-fu fights then, maybe on the motor cycles…

And they came up with all their action sequences, gave them to a writer and said “here, write a script for these action sequences.” I’m guessing mere minutes later a writer handed them a script going “done!” And they filmed the resulting crap.

Ving Rames was nearly non-existent and he was the coolest thing from the first one.

So now on to the newest flick in the series, #3. This time they got someone that can actually pen a decent story, Mr. JJ Abrams, to write and direct it (he’s come up with Alias and Lost in case you didn’t know). With him at the helm, I figured I give it a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, not that I expected much. Ving was back, there was a plot, I actually felt some empathy for the characters and wanted them to succeed and survive. All the sequences showing Mr. Cruise running got pretty old, and if I watched it again, I’d probably find some more stuff to complain about as well, but it is a popcorn flick and for the 135 minutes or so, I was entertained. Yea, they blow up lots of stuff and cut from one bit in a fight to another so fast that you really can’t tell what’s happening, or get a sense for how the fight is going if you could really watch it, but hey, as I ate my popcorn and drank my soda, I was content.

And why do I suggest a tagline, well Tom’s engaged in the movie and his wife was kidnapped and he has to get her back. So it’s personal. Kind’ a like when in Jaws 4 (I think), the great white migrates south to the Caribbean to harass the wife of the cop that killed Jaws 1-3. The shark had a personal vendetta. Thankfully, MI3 it just a bit better the J4.

And does Tom Cruise being a complete nut case in real life affect my review. Nope, I could care less what he does off screen, just as long as he doesn’t kill people and stuff. He made Top Gun and Days of Thunder (oh wait, they’re the same movie, just one had jets and the other had race cars) two of the most kick ass popcorn flicks of all time. So in the end, I just want to be entertained. Plus, he was willing to rip on himself by spoofing MI2 in AP3:Goldmember, so in the end, I think even he realized 2 sucked.

[This is quiet possibly the longest movie review I’ve written and, surprisingly, very little is actually about the movie I’m reviewing. I guess it just goes to show how much I hated MI2.]

[Finally, I know people are looking at these blogs I’m doing. The little counter keeps going up. Will someone please post a comment? Agree or disagree with a review, random skiing tips, or just know how to keep a bird from flying into a window repeatedly, let me know.]

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