The bird is back, and now it has a little friend. To recap, there is a big fat robin that has been attacking my sliding doors in the back. And I mean attacking. Throwing itself into the window repeatedly for hours on end. I get tired watching it. Feel sorry for it to, because it isn’t going to win. It just means I need to go clean the windows again because I don’t like looking out windows covered in bird crap. And cleaning the windows actually contributes to the fact that it attacks it again the next day since it can now see it’s reflection again. I put some decals up on my sliding doors to “help” deter the birds from attacking it, but my sources say that the bird is still at it. Plus there are traces of it having been there. There’s crap on the window and crap on the deck furniture.

But now, the bird has a new partner in crime. There is small robin that is now attacking my roommate’s window in the front of the house in the morning. Today, she wasn’t too pissed off, she was already awake and getting ready for work when the attack began. But she typically works till 3am and sleeps in, so she may not be so forgiving in a couple days when the bird begins it attack at 6am and she’s only been sleeping a couple hours. The kicker was the bird was still throwing itself at window when I was leaving for work at 830.

I gotta give it to these birds, they are persistent. They see another bird and they attack it relentlessly. And now they have the house surrounded. One in the front, one in the back.

Now if anyone reading this has any ideas on how to keep these birds from crapping all over my windows and generally being annoying, please let me know. I’m open to suggestions.

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