16 Blocks

Another day, another movie. OK, that is overkill, I don’t see that many movies, but I did see another movie tonight. I watched the new Bruce Willis/Mos Def movie 16 Blocks.

I actually liked this movie quiet a bit. I walked away from feeling a little bit like when I left Crash, the feeling of having just watched a good movie. Neither of these movies are what one would call a popcorn flick (ie a movie that you go to be purely entertained), but I’m not really sure how’d I classify them. Probably as a thriller, but that doesn’t even really ring true for me. 16 Blocks is also similar to Training Day. More of a gritty, this is the life of a cop movie.

Willis seems to have a knack for nailing the portrayal of a down and out cop. He pulled it off nicely in the Die Hard’s and he does another excellent rendition here as well. Mos Def does a great job playing the criminal being taken to the grand jury as well. I first really recognized him in The Hitchkiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and he’s playing someone completely different here.

There are going to be people that don’t care for this movie. It isn’t a Die Hard. These are the same people that probably didn’t like Training Day or Crash. I thought those were both great movies and this one is too.

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