So Who Isn’t Paying Their Heat Bill?

I’m officially ready for summer to start. Spring is here, birds are back, blue sky’s seem to dominate the weather lately, snow is pretty much gone (for now), and (most importantly) the lake has finally thawed. But it just isn’t that warm yet. Now I’m not looking for 80 degree days (yet), but I’d be happy with some days in the upper 40s and maybe even some 50s.

Thursday night’s project will be to get my boat put back together. Charge the battery and install it, assemble the water pump, tighten the belts, and put all the engine drain plugs back in place. I’ll also check my dry suit, make sure all the seals are good.

And come Sunday, if the weather puts forth a little effort and attempts to cooperate, I’ll hopefully be taking my first sets of the year.

Now everyone needs to get their heat bill paid up so mother nature turns the heat back on. And think warm thoughts.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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