V for Vendetta

So last night I watched V for Vendetta over on the local IMAX. Movies that come out in March always make me wonder just a little bit. Typically, there are some really good movies that come out over Christmas and then it kinda dies down a little bit until the summer season starts in mid to late April. Usually, everything in between is a little questionable. Studios typically use this time to dump some bad movies or release ones originally set for summer they just aren’t real confident in.

V, however, was a movie worth watching, especially on the IMAX. I had seen Goblet on the IMAX and it didn’t make much of difference to me. But with this one, wow. The best part… the movie itself is good too.

Based on the handful of commercials I had kinda half seen (I try to not pay too much attention to movie ads because they sometimes ruin the movie), I went in expected an action movie. In that I was disappointed. An action movie it is not.

It starts off with a bang, and on the giant IMAX screen it makes for a pretty big bang. But from there is turns into more of a thinking man’s movie. They tell a story that kept me entertained, waiting to find out what would happen next, even though, in the end I knew what was going to happen, but I still wanted to see how we got there.

Surprisingly, Natalie Portman even got to do some acting in this movie, which is a change from her performance in the Star Wars prequels. She showed just a little rust, but delivered a believable character.

I’ve since added the comic to my with list over at Amazon because I’m very curious to read the original story to see just how true they stayed to the story.

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